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A little background about the images

In these four albums, you will come across with some of the illustration depicted in the book. These illustrations show the anatomy of the coronary arteries, their importance and the role they play in a heart attack. A basic ECG determines the condition of the heart.

Pay attention and recognize the risk factors, such as smoking, nutrition, obesity just to name a few. Angina, pain radiating to the left arm, neck and the lower jaw are the first signs of a possible heart attack.

In this set of illustrations, you can see the image of a normal left ventricle recorded during cardiac catheterization and the location of the heart in the chest. Clots and fatty deposits can occur and are deposited on the walls of the coronary artery.

 The right coronary is totally occluded at its proximal portion causing severe angina and a disturbance to the cardiac rhythm. An angioplasty restored the artery to normal. At times, when the disease is advanced, the patient must have open-heart surgery to correct all the coronary arteries involved.

 You can see a quick view of an operating room, Atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries can occur in any artery, including those of the brain causing a stroke.

The quality of nutrition plays a cardinal role in the development of a heart attack. The deposits of cholesterol on the wall of the arteries are in direct relationship with the foods we eat. Fatty foods present in animal meats as well as the methods, by which they are prepared, play a role on the onset of a heart attack.

Changes in some of the habits we acquired can go a very long way. The addition of fruits, vegetables and grain are very important in any diet. Include exercise in your daily routine, join a gym and get involved in your community. Listen to music and enjoy nature, listen to the ocean, admire its beauty and its mystery. Learn more and prevent heart disease.