MY HEART, I want to keep it

“MY HEART, I want to keep it”, is a book about Heart Disease.

Have you tried to prevent Heart Disease? Do you know where to start? Are you aware, of all the risk factors, how to control each one of them? This informational book aim at clarifying all of your questions and give you the opportunity to find that prevention is possible.

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The title says it all, “MY HEART, I want to keep it” It is your heart and yes, you want to nurture it, pamper it, and keep it healthy, since it is the center of your well-being.

The book will give you the tools that you need to change your habits and provide you with some very strong ways to fight and prevent heart disease.

The book will guide you through nutrition and exercise, two chapters that reveal the essence and importance on how to choose the proper foods and the importance of a regular exercise program. Make no mistake this book is NOT another cookbook or a weight-losing book, rather a pathway to nutritional facts and a healthy exercise guide.

This book will make you aware of, the warning signs; you will arm yourself with the knowledge on how to prevent the onset of a heart attack. The illustrations that accompany the text are very simple to understand, they are additional tool to clarify the goals that the text is trying to convey.

The book is a reminder to all, that a heart attack is preventable. For those that the disease is advanced, it will guide you through the unknown. You will be fully aware of all the diagnostic and interventional techniques and procedures available to medicine. You and your family will be able to cope much better during the treatment period.

Atherosclerosis is a disease that affects all blood vessels; therefore, it is appropriate to discuss the topic on stroke. Stroke is the direct result of a blocked artery or arteries that supply blood to the brain. Two hundred and ten thousand people die each year and about 3,000,000 individuals are alive today after suffering a stroke. Stroke is the third killer in the United States after heart attack and cancer. Atherosclerosis can affect any artery of the body, including those of the brain, heart, kidneys, or legs.

We live in a society that one quarter of the population still smokes. Two thirds of us are overweight. Most of us do not exercise. We live in a society where stress and tension has consumed the best of us. Our eating habits are completely wrong. Our meal portions are enormous. We eat in a hurry, on the run and then immediately lie down and sleep, exhausted from a meal that was devoured in minutes causing the heart to work harder for a meal we can no longer recall, neither the flavor nor the taste.

A very important chapter describes how to save lives. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is an important topic, particularly, in view of the new Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or Cardiopulmonary Compression only Resuscitation. It describes in details how and why everyone must learn to save lives. This new technique has eliminated the need for mouth-to-mouth breathing, a method in which people were very reluctant in adopting from fear of acquiring diseases.

The book is nothing more than simple information directed to the reader, the healthy, the young, the old, and the cardiac patient alike. The topics teach each one of us how to prevent the disease. The knowledge that one can absorb through these pages are the key to prevent and stay free from heart disease.