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George P. Bouchoc

George P. Bouchoc is the author of “MY HEART, I Want to keep it". George spent all of his professional time in the field of Cardiology. His learning experience exposed him to Cardiac Research, Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery to the field of Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology. He treated his co-workers with respect and offered his time to teach others. Cardiologists, and Cardiac Surgeons, always praised him for his work, and the compassion, he gave to all patients. Although, retired from his clinical work, George remains active and a part time consultant.

He started to write this book many years ago and kept updating the information within its pages. Although, there are hundreds upon hundreds of books written about heart disease and the internet has a multitude of detailed information, he felt that each approaches the information in a different way giving the reader a great variety of choices.

Each chapter is well illustrated. The photographs are utilized to describe and explain the text. The book also contains a 16-page color insert that could be used as posters to remind all of us that heart disease can be prevented.

His hunger for the arts earned him a degree in photography and over the years, he used his skills in his daily clinical work. He also published two books about his photography.

The book is available now. Click here to buy the Book.

Improve your well-being

While researching the contents for this book, I came across a couple of paragraphs written by John K. Vyden, M.D., in his book titled HOW TO PREVENT YOUR NEXT HEART ATTACK that I want everyone to enjoy.

“I want to remind you that there is more to your significance as a human being than can be measured by your knowledge about heart attack. In addition to improving your physical well-being, do not underestimate the part that love and spirit can play in your total recovery.

Start things that will rekindle your spirit. Get up early and see the sunrise. Buy an ice cream cone for a child. Write a letter to a friend you have not heard from in years. Travel lighter. Spend time with the very young and the very old. Write a poem. Send flowers for no reason. Spend a half an hour watching animals playing together in a field. Stare at the full moon. Grow flowers or vegetables. Smile at someone you do not like. Tell your children how much you love them. Forgive someone for a wrong done to you. Visit somebody in the hospital. Give to charity. Adopt a pet. Walk barefoot on the grass”.

Make a commitment to yourself and to your family to help your physical and spiritual side. Learn more at preventing another heart attack; life is too short to let it go by, enjoy what you have, so, go for it!

Best of luck